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~Seven Books I'm Reading in 2022~

I have to admit it – growing up, I was such a bookworm! If I had downtime in class, I would read a book. If I couldn’t sleep at night, I would read a book. To me, it’s something about being able to venture into a new world by reading that I am so drawn to!

Unfortunately, when I moved to a boarding school at 16, I got so busy with academics and life that I didn’t have much time to read anymore. Now, almost six years later and in my senior year of college, I am ready to dive back in.

This year, I am setting a goal. My goal isn’t to read a specific number of books. My goal is to fall back in love with reading! Right now, I have books on my bookshelf that are BEGGING me to read them. I have always loved fiction and YA novels, but I’m spreading my wings in 2022. This leads me to three categories of books I want to read this year.


They say old habits die hard, so OF COURSE, the first category of books I plan to read is fiction. I think I will first dive into It Ends with Us. From there, I also have The Hope Chest, Before Summer Ends, and Eleanor and Park!


Next up, I plan to focus on faith-based books. My relationship with God has been growing over the past 3.5 years in college, and I am excited to dedicate more of my time to building that relationship. My first read will be Crazy Faith, followed by Relationship Goals.


Last but definitely not least, I am venturing into some memoirs that dual function to inspire self-growth. Right now, I have Untamed, which I have heard so many good things about!

At my very core, I am just a girl who loves reading. I am SO excited to check out some new books this year, and I hope you’ll join me in this endeavor. Did you see your favorite book on my list? Let me know! If not, please share recommendations for books that fall into any of these categories. I would love to add more to my list!!

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